Continuous Emissions Monitoring System (CEMS)

Minder Controls CEMS is been designed to meet Department of Environment (DOE) Malaysia standards .

Minder Controls is one of the companies that authorized by DOE to provide services for:

  • Installation and maintenance of Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS) and CEMS Data Acquisition System (CEMS-DAS) at industrial premises.
  • Installation and maintenance of CEMS Data Interfacing System (CEMS-DIS) at industrial premises for data transmission from CEMS-DAS to DOE CEMS Remote Monitoring and Enforcement System.

Minder Controls CEMS manage to collect and analysis those data in term of DOE requirement in real time system. With these collected and analyzed data, Minder Controls CEMS able to provide alert message to user in order to handle problems. With easier interfacing and operating software advantages, users are able to view collected data in various format which provided in Minder Controls CEMS for analysis and record.